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“Holding On” About the Author

About the author: Terri Reiland

In a log home high on a bluff in rural Wisconsin, Terri Reiland writes her books at an old oak table while the light plays over the valley.

As a public health nurse, she is honored to connect with the emotional peaks and valleys of others’ lives — the pregnancies, the births, the deaths, the illnesses, the recoveries. With a family of six, entertainment is home grown in books, music, nature and loved ones. Terri is a also a health columnist and speaks for health seminars.

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About the musician: Vicky Emerson

Vicky Emerson may have rural roots in Elmwood, Wisconsin, but her music has received national and international acclaim. Touring nationally and releasing five incredibly beautiful albums, has placed Vicky on the map of rising young female artists.

Vicky is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she continues her career playing shows as well as penning music for TV and film.

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